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Minor medical abortion


Im 17 years old and I believe I am pregnant. I want to get a medical abortion however I need the approval of a parent however i cannot do that…. I cannot tell my parents…. I am not danish…. i come from a country where it is illegal…. is there any possibility of getting a medical abortion without the consent of my parents but another adult or something like that? is there any way you could help me?


You believe, you are pregnant. I think you should have at test. If you are pregnant, you have to find out, what to do. There are always other opportunities than abortion. Medical abortion can be very painful.

Read abort that on Abortliniens website, it is in danish. In few cases, it is possible to have an abortion without the parents know about it, you can apply for that through your doctor. But abortion is serious, also for the girl, so it is important that the parent know, what happens to their child. What does the father say?
You are welcome to write again to post@abortlinien.dk

Hope the best for you.
Greetings Trine Holst Nielsen, nurse