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Ka' jeg skrive på engelsk?


Jeg har haft abort fem dagen siden. Og jeg er så kede af det.

I have a very difficult situation with my “boyfriend”. He does not want a baby. OK, I say. But I do. I still have the abortion, because I want my child to have a loving father. We are very young.. What should I do?

I have had the abortion 5 days ago and my boyfriend was there only one of them. Now he invited a friend to our home for the past week and he party every night with his friend while I sleep because I go to work.. I think, it is normal for me to want my boyfriend to support me everyday and not only make “presence” the day I actually take the pills to abort and I think it is normal I don’t want him to party and to invite friends, because I just had an abortion. Am I asking for too much? Am I crazy to ask for this?How should I handle it?

Obviously my boyfriend does not understand how difficult it is to abort – as he says “It’s just an abortion, tons of women have that”. I feel so disregarded and so ashamed. He has been living for free in my house for the past 3 months, I ask him to help me with the economy but nothing happens. He completely forgets important things for me and the last painful thing he did was  getting annoyed at me because I was crying of pain while I was having the abortion.What do you think? How can I get better and strong again?

My family is not here and all my friends are in Aalborg. I contacted a psicologist – what else can I do? Please, give me advice.Thank you so much.


It’s very difficult for you. You had an abortion because of your boyfriend. You wanted the baby. It’s normal and obvious the way you feel. You need to talk to good people about your feelings and thoughts. I hope the psycologist can help you.

Concider your relationship to your boyfriend. He doesn’t sound very good to you… Consider, that you could become pregant again, will you again have an abortion, if he tells you to?
You are welcome to write again to post@abortlinien.dk

Hope the best for you.
Greetings Trine Holst nielsen, nurse